French Tuition At Home Or Work

Learn French with a private French tutor. The tuition can either be 1 to 1 with 1 student per tutor, or students can get together with friends, family or colleagues and make a small ‘closed group’.

Tuition In Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough

The exact location of the tuition is the choice of the student – tutors are flexible.

Skype lessons and gift vouchers also available.

Why Private Tuition?

Fast: Progress is 6 or 7 times faster with a French tutor than group learning

Effective: The French tutor’s attention is focused on the student 100% of the time

Bespoke: Each course is uniquely designed by the French tutor based on the needs of each student

Flexible: Times, days, length of course, number of hours per week are all the choice of the student, each course is designed around the needs of the student and their life

How fast is learning with a French tutor?

• Confidence will improve from the 1st lesson

• Exact progress depends a lot on each student, their natural learning speeds and how much time they can devote to learning outside each session (listening to French radio, reading in French, speaking French etc.)

• Very roughly speaking, real progress in French should be ‘felt’ by the student after around 24 – 36 hours of private tuition

Tuition Costs

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