IELTS Tuition from Expert Qualified IELTS Tutors

We offer a range of IELTS tutors. Our tutors are based in either Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or Middlesbrough.

Tuition also available on Skype.

Qualifications and Experience of Tutors

All IELTS tutors are at least CELTA qualified (English teaching qualification). All tutors chosen to teach IELTS are also familiar with the exam and have experience helping students prepare.

Do you have groups I can join?

No. You must create the group. If you know other people who also want to pass IELTS you can get together to make a group. We can send a tutor to you to help you all.

We offer group IELTS training for businesses: Business Language Training

Timetables and Locations

Timetables: Speak to our team. Let us know your availability and we will look for a tutor who has similar availability to you. During your first meeting on Skype you can discuss times and days of lessons.

Locations: You can have lessons at home, at a library or at your office.

How many Lessons will I need?

You will need to speak to the team for advice on this. Generally, you will need at least 3 months private tuition to go up 1 full level in IELTS. Around 20 – 30 hours.

Price and Payment

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Discuss Your Situation with our Team or Call 0191 206 9046

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