Italian Tuition with Private Tutors

Looking for an Italian Tutor? We have a network of quality native-speaker Italian tutors ready to give lessons.

Tuition in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough

Your choice of location. At home, a public place, or at your office.

Italian lessons via skype also available.

There are many benefits of having a private Italian tutor over more traditional classes or self-study.

Benefits of studying Italian with a tutor

  • The Italian tutor can help to improve confidence levels
  • After taking tuition with a native-speaker Italian tutor you will be familiar and more comfortable with normal speed conversations in Italian
  • Private Italian tuition will give you more self-confidence and self-fulfilment in other areas, not only the Italian language
  • Speaking with a private Italian tutor will give you continuous access to the language with a native-speaker Italian tutor so giving more motivation to improve

Before starting lessons, the NE Language Project office will organise for you to chat via Skype with an Italian tutor to discuss what exactly you want from the course and to agree some goals.

The Italian tutor can travel to Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or Middlesbrough, if you are further away please let us know, we offer lessons via skype.

Always feel free to discuss goals with the Italian tutor during the course too as goals always change. It’s important to be as happy as possible with the way your learning is going.

Gift Vouchers Available

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Italian Tuition Costs

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